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Learn how to create multiple versions of a file on the server. Versioning can be enabled or disabled on a per-user basis. When creating a new user, the administrator must decide the number of versions to maintain for every file.

Consider This Scenario

Benefits of Using Versioning

Steps to Use Versioning

When creating a new profile in the admin console, you should see a field for Max Versions.

Specify a number greater than 0 to enable versioning. Assume a backup is run every night. Specifying a value of 7 for this field will create up to 7 versions of a file, each representing one day of data.


Enable Versioning on the Client's End

Follow these steps to enable Versioning on Syncrify Client:

On client's end, versioning can be further narrowed down to a profile level - meaning you can select the profiles for which versioning is enabled. This allows users to create versions for certain types of files but not others.



It is important to note that previous file versions are automatically deleted when:

Restoring A Previous Version

Previous versions of a file can only be restored using Syncrify client. You cannot use a web browser to restore an older version of a file

Following steps demonstrate how to restore a previous version

How Are Versions Stored

You will see additional files on the server when versioning is enabled. These files are stored in the same folder where the actual file is stored.

Assume the 5 versions of Instructions.docx exist. You will see the following files in the repository path of the user.

File Name File Size Last modified date Description
Instructions.docx 24.5 MB March 30, 2010 This is the most recent version (version 5) of the file.
Instructions.docx.4_34233_1000_synver 1.5 KB March 25, 2010 Version 4 - this is just the delta change. If user decides to restore this version, Syncrify merges this delta with version 5 and sends it back to the client.
Instructions.docx.3_3584_1000_synver 2.4 KB March 20, 2010 Version 3
Instructions.docx.2_78484_1000_synver 2.4 KB March 10, 2010 Version 2
Instructions.docx.1_873584_1000_synver 2.4 KB March 09, 2010 Version 1