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Multiple Server Connection

In most cases, Syncrify client connects to the same server URL for a profile. However, in certain cases depending on where Syncrify client is located with respect to the server, you might have to use a different URL for the server.

Consider This Scenario

An employee in your company backs up his/her laptop to a Syncrify server on your network. When this employee is sitting inside your network the URL should be:

However, when this employee goes home he/she should be using


Starting from build 596 of Syncrify client, this employee can put both URLs in Syncrify client. See image below.


More than one URL can be specified for the server. Syncrify will give preference to the URL appearing first in the field.

DO NOT use this method to connect to two different Syncrify servers. The purpose of this feature is to connect to the same server using different URLs. Since Syncrify server holds backups from the client, the contents on one server won't match with the other.