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Selection Filters

Selection filters allow users to include and/or exclude files from a backup run. To use selection filters you must be using Syncrify 1.4 or above.

This page discusses the Client Side filters. See Server Configuration for more information about Server Side filters.

Two Types of Filters

There are two types of filters:

How to Enable Selection Filters on the Client Side


Selection filters can only be specified to a top-level folder, but are applied to the entire folder tree.

Rules for Specifying Filters


Example 1 - Backing up only images


This will cause Syncrify to backup only image files. Other files in the folder will be skipped.

Example 2 - Exclusion filter


This will copy every file but *.tmp, *.bak, and *.cvs. The last token will exclude a folder called $RECYCLE.BIN. An important information to keep in mind is that a $ is a reserved character. Therefore, you must escape it with a back-slash. Other escape characters are %, [, ], (, ),{, }, +