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MY SQL Plugin

Syncrify can efficiently backup and restore a running instance of MySQL server. This page demonstrate how to configure the MySQL plugin in Syncrify. It also talks about some pre-requisites and other important information to keep in mind.


Background Info

Backups to MySQL server is run in two steps:



Client to ServerThis is the default backup direction. Syncrify create .BAK files, which are then transferred to the remote machine.
Server to ClientThis is like a restore. Syncrify pulls the .BAK file from the server and if Auto Restore is checked, runs schema.sql and restoreDB.sql scripts against the database.
Two-way syncWe discourage using two-way sync when using this plugin. Since a .BAK file is created on demand, Syncrify will always end-up pushing the local copy to the server. This can create unwanted results.

Manual Restoration

When Auto Restore option is turned off, your must manually restore a database. This includes running SQL scripts in

You can use any querying tool to run these scripts. We recommend you use WinSQL.

Query Terminator

Both script files (schema.sql and restoreDB.sql) contain several SQL statements. These statements are terminated by the word go on a line by itself. If you use a tool other than WinSQL, you will have to change this query terminator to a value that is understood by that tool.