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Pre Script & Post Script

Starting from version 3.2 you have the ability to run scripts before and after a backup task.

Consider This Scenario

Consider a scenario where you want to prepare a set of files before running a backup, perhaps you want to compress a bunch of files into one zipped file and then backup this zipped file.

The Pre/Post script plugin in Syncrify allow you to accomplish such tasks

Steps to Add a Script

Field Description

Field Name Description
Friendly Name: A friendly name that identifies this task. Following characters cannot be used in this field.

\ / : * ? " < > |
Executible path: Absolute path referring to an executible. On Windows, this must be either .EXE, .BAT or a .CMD file. On Linux, Mac and on UNIX it must be a file with executible permission
Output file path: Specify a path for an output file. This is an optional parameter. Syncrify won't write any output if this is left blank.
Direction: Specifies the direction of backup. For example, you may not want to run a script that creates a zipped file when restoring files (copying files from server to client)