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Admin, Users, & Profiles


The admin is a special account that is automatically created when you install Syncrify Server on your machine. This account cannot be deleted, and it is used to modify configuration parameters as well as to add/remove users from the System. The following are Administrator Privileges:


By default, Syncrify automatically creates one Admin account after it has been installed on a machine. However, it is possible to create additional Admin accounts. See Create Multiple Admin Accounts for more information.

These security measures are recommended for the admin account:



Licensing for Syncrify is based on a per-user basis. Therefore, it is important to understand what is meant by the term 'User'.

A User in Syncrify corresponds to the individual who owns the file that is being backed up. Consider the following scenario:

You cannot use one user account to backup files for all 10 employees. This is not only a license violation but also a security risk since one individual will be able to view/download files that belong to someone else.


A profile is a logical grouping of files that a user wants to backup. Every profile can contain unlimited number of files. When you first use Syncrify Client, it automatically creates a profile with the same name as the machine's host name.

Multiple Profiles

Typically, you would only create one profile per machine. However, consider the following scenarios when you would want to create additional profiles on a machine.

Default Profile

When you first install Syncrify Client on a machine, it creates a profile using the machine's host name. This is called the default profile. The following applies for the default profile: