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Firewall Configuration

If you are unable to connect to the Syncrify Server web interface via a different machine within your local network, review the following methods in order to verify that your local firewall is not blocking your Syncrify port.

Automatic Configuration

Syncrify can automaticall configure the firewall both on the local machine and on your local network. Log into the admin console and click the Troubleshoot link:


This will bring you to a loading page. Please wait as Syncrify detects the following parameters on your machine/network:


If your firewall is configured correctly, you should see green checkmarks where successful:


Syncrify will notify you if any of the tests fail:


Windows Firewall Manual Configuration


While Mac OSX and Linux also have a configurable firewall, they are turned off by default.

  • First, ensure that there are no other programs listening on Port 5800. If so, you can choose another port to run Syncrify.
  • Navigate to: Control Panel > Network and Internet > System Security > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings
  • Click on the Inbound Rules tab. (See image below)

  • Under the Actions menu on the right hand side, click New Rule
  • A window should pop up; Select and Submit the following information:

  • preparing2


    (Note: You can choose any port to run Syncrify on. 5800 is the default.)




  • Click Finish. Your Firewall is now set up to interact with Syncrify.