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System Requirements

Syncrify Server Machine


As a rule of thumb, the amount of free space you should reserve on your machine should be at least 1.5 times the amount of data that is getting backed up. (For example, if the data you are backing up is 10GB, the machine running Syncrify Server should have at least 15GB of free space on its installation drive.)

Syncrify Server is installed on the machine where back up files are to be copied. It is recommended that you install Syncrify server on a machine that has plenty of hard drive space to contain the backed up data.

Operating Systems that support Syncrify:
Memory - 64 MB required, 1 GB recommended

Hard Disk - 60 MB for installation. You will need additional hard-drive to hold data files.

CPU - Pentium 233 MHz, 500 MHz or greater recommended.

Syncrify Client Machine

Two types of programs can connect to a Syncrify Server from a client machine: