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Branding the Server

Branding allows you to put your company logo or a custom text on the upper left hand corner of the web interface, giving your users an impression that they are connecting to a website belonging to you.


  1. Syncrify Professional ISP edition. Branding is not allowed in Personal edition
  2. You must be using version 2.4 build 459 or above.


The following steps demonstrate how to brand Syncrify Server.

Using custom images

If you decide to use custom images on Syncrify's web inteface you must first:

What can be branded?

Following modifications can be made to the web interface of Syncrify server. Note that some changes only appear when a regular user logs in to the web interface. For example, when you log in using the admin account, the hyperlink for support refers to Synametrics Support. On the other hand, when a user logs in as a regular user, the support link will point to whatever page you like.