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Delete Retention

When running backups, Syncrify client has an option of deleting files from the server if the corresponding file is deleted from the client. If a user deletes a file by mistake on the client and runs a backup, Syncrify server will remove that file from its repository and the file can never be recovered.

Delete Retention Period

DeleteRetentionPeriod allows Syncrify Server to retain deleted files for a certain number of days. The default value for this parameter is 0, meaning files will be deleted from the server when backup is run. A value greater than 0 signifies the number of days you want to retain a deleted file. For example, if you specify 10 for this value, every file that is deleted on the client is held by the server for the next 10 days allowing the user to restore it if needed. It will be deleted from the server after 10 days.

Steps to Configure Delete Retention

How does it work

When deleteRetentionPeriod is specified greater than 0, following happens: