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Disaster Recovery

The Disaster recovery (DR) feature in Syncrify allow administrators to replicate the primary Syncrify server (DR-Master) to another machine (DR-Slave). In case the primary goes, you can quickly switch existing DR-Slave to DR-Master and have clients connect to that machine.

Important Concepts


When DR features are enabled, you must select one of the following roles for Syncrify server:


Syncrify server automatically copies the following from a master to slave

Restrictions in DR-Slave

In simple terms, Syncrify server becomes read-only when it is designated as a DR-Slave.
Following restrictions apply when a server is assigned a role of DR-Slave.

Setting up a DR-Slave


Before assigning a DR-Slave rold to a server, ensure the following conditions are met:

Setup Procedure

The following steps assume the primary server, which will become DR-Master, is already up and running. You must setup a DR-Slave before configuring DR-Master.

Frequently Asked Questions