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Temp Folder Relocation

Syncrify often saves files in the TEMP folder during backup. By default, the exact path of this TEMP folder is specified by your operation system.

Temp Folder on Your Machine

On Windows, you can type the following command in Command Line to see the location of the TEMP folder

echo %TEMP%

We strongly recommend you put the TEMP folder and user repository on the same volume - meaning if the user repository is on F: drive, the TEMP folder should also be on the same drive.

During backup Syncrify downloads the delta from the client and merges it with the actual file on the server. This merging is done in the TEMP folder. Once merging is complete, the final file is moved to the appropriate location. If the TEMP folder and user repository is on the same volume, Syncrify is able to move the file rather than copy, which can save significant I/O.

Steps to move the TEMP folder

IMPORTANT: Ensure the path for the new location exists on your machine.