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Binding to One IP

Often servers have more than one IP address on a machine, which allows administrators to install more than one application to listen on the same port but different IP address.

Possible Scenario

Consider the following scenario. Your machine has the following IP addresses:

You want Syncrify to listen on and another server, such as Microsoft IIS, listen on You want both of them to serve on port 80, which is the default HTTP port.

In technical terms, this is called IP binding.

How To Bind Syncrify to One IP Address

Follow the steps below to bind Syncrify's HTTP server to a particular IP address on your machine.

  1. Stop Syncrify if it is running
  2. Using Windows Explorer on Windows or Terminal console on Linux/UNIX go to the installation directory of Syncrify.
  3. Go into the config folder
  4. Create a backup of AppConfig.xml file. You are about to modify this file and if Syncrify does not come up after modification, you will need to rollback.
  5. Using any text editor, such as Notepad on Windows and VI on Linux/UNIX, open AppConfig.xml file.
  6. Search for a parameter called "httpIP". It is quite possible this parameter does not exist in the file.
  7. Either modify the existing parameter line or add a new line that looks like:

    <parameter name="httpIP" type="1" value=""></parameter>

  8. Save the file.
  9. Restart Syncrify