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Bandwidth Throttling

Learn how to specify the desired bandwidth on a per-user basis. By default, no throttling occurs.

Do you really need throttling?


Throttling may be necessary when the files are copied the first time. However, we strongly recommend not enabling this feature for subsequent backups where the network traffic will be significantly less.

Often administrators want to throttle because they do not want clients uploading at max network speed, which can negatively affect other users. However, Syncrify is designed to minimize network traffic by just moving the delta. It is quite possible that a delta for a 100 MB file is just 2 MB therefore, throttling 2MB of does not have the same impact.

Steps to enable throttling

WARNING: Throttling will significantly reduce the speed at which backups occur.

For example a 500 MB backup that typically occurs in 6 minutes can easily take 1 hour if a bandwidth of 100 is specified. The lower the value, the slower it will take to backup. A value equal to or less than 0 will disable throttling.