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Viewing Log Files

Syncrify creates log files on both server and client. These log files are very helpful in troubleshooting common problems.

Log File on the Server

The most important log file on Server's end is Syncrify.log, which is located in the $INSTALL_DIR\Syncrify\logs folder.

Log File on the Client

Log files are stored in the Data Folder on the client machine. The easiest way to get to this folder is to click Open Data Folder from Syncrify client. See the image below.


This will open up the Data Folder on the client machine, containing a sub-folder called \logs, which should contain a file called SyncrifyClient.log. This is the log file on the client side and will contain useful information.

Accessing Client Logs from the Server

Administrators can view the client logs without explicitly asking the end-user. To do this, follow the procedure below.

The following steps will only work if the Client is running at least version 3.3 and Remote Controlling is enabled. Additionally, SMTP server settings for Syncrify server must be correctly specified.

Reading the Log Files

These log files contain data in the following format:


DATE TIME - is the timestamp when the log was entered

LOG_PRIORITY - This refers to the log level. Look for the word ERROR in this field if you are running into problems.

ACTUAL MESSAGE - This is the actual log message

We recommend sending these log files to our support department if you are running into problems.