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User Interface

Once you have installed Syncrify Client onto your machine, the Client should automatically start. This chapter discusses how to navigate through Syncrify Client's graphical user interface, including information on its backup parameters, as well as how to restore files, folders, and profiles from Syncrify Server.

User Interface


A profile defines a set of backup conditions such as encryption and/or compression on a set of files and folders. See Admin, Users, & Profiles for additional information on Syncrify Profiles.

  • On Windows operating system, click the Syncrify Client icon from the Programs menu.
  • On Mac, double click the icon for
  • On Linux and UNIX, type the following command in the Terminal window:
  • /opt/Syncrify/ (This refers to the script that launches Syncrify Client in GUI mode.

    You must have X-Windows installed on Linux/Unix to use Syncrify client in GUI mode.


    Configuring a Backup Profile

    Following parameters must be specified before a backup is performed. This also verifies a successful connection between Syncrify Client and Server.