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ISP Edition

The ISP edition is a special licensing model geared to serve companies that want to provide a backup server for their client using Syncrify.

Features of ISP Edition

Functionally, it is similar to Syncrify Professional with a few additional bells and whistles. The following table lists these additions.

Bundled license An ISP edition includes a license for 100 users. A single user license of Syncrify costs $49. If you were to purchase 100 single user licenses individually, that would cost $4,900. By bundling 100 licenses, you only pay a fraction of this cost.

In short, instead of paying $4,900 for 100 licenses you only pay $1,499, which comes out to be around $15 / user. This is a one-time fee.
User based license You pay based on the number of end-clients not machines. This means that if a user has three machines, you only pay once for that user. It does not matter how much your charge them for your services.

Consider the following scenario:
  • You know a laywer's office and want to provide backup service
  • They have 5 lawyers in their office who want to backup their files securely to your server
  • Every lawyer have two machines - one desktop and one laptop
  • You create 5 accounts in Syncrify. Each account will be tied to lawyers email address.
  • You only pay for 5 licenses even though 10 machines are being backed up.
Server-side branding Configure the web interface of Syncrify to display:
  • Your company logo on the top
  • Links for support and company can refer to your website
  • Customized title bar for the web interface
  • Ability to hide the FAQ section on the web interface, which currently refers to Synametrics' website.
Client-side branding Create a custom client that can:
  • Display your company's name in the title bar of the client
  • Display your company logo
  • Lock Syncrify client so it can only connect to your server
  • Assign default values to many parameters in Syncrify, which is ideal for novice users.
Database integration Store user information in a relational database allowing other processes to modify the user information, such as passwords, repository paths, disk quotas and versioning without using Syncrify's web interface.

The latest version of Syncrify supports following databases:
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server