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Web Interface

The Admin Console

The Home page provides a basic overview of your Syncrify Server.


Memory Status

Disk Status

Current Activity - Displays how long the server has been running, as well as the total number of sessions that have been performed between the client and the server.

Active Users - If a user is currently running a backup, the user's email address will appear here, as well as the amount of bytes that have been transferred.

The Sidebar

Quick Links are available on the right hand side of the Admin Console.


Download Client - Takes you directly to the download link for Syncrify Client.

Remote Clients - Allows the administrator to run on-demand backups directly from the admin console. Also gives the administrator the ability to submit client logs to any email address.

Don't see any clients in the list? Click Syncrify Remote Clients to find out some possible causes.

Check for Updates - Syncrify automatically connects to the Synametrics servers when an update is released, and this link will notify you if a new update is available.

Restart - Stops then reboots the Syncrify Service.

Logout - Log out of Syncrify Server's admin console.